Join us for a musical springtime
with Music Together's Maracas Collection ... ONLINE!!!

This spring Great Day for Music is starting something new: we are now offering you a full music class experience online! Music Together Online will be sure to bring lots of music-making into your home. Kids and adults in your family will begin singing, dancing and drumming - and believe it or not, babies possibly get the most out of the experience, because the synapses in their brain just grow like crazy when they experience music-making! What's more, you can now ask friends and family who live far away to join you and share your music class this spring. With Music Together's Maracas collection, we will take the Train to the City, dance a Greek Tsakonikos, and howl with the Sad Little Puppy ... besides enjoying many other cool songs of course!

Classes this spring start up the week of April 20-26 and last 10 weeks. Classes will also take place on public holidays.

The online music classes take place three times a week (Tuesdays at 9h, Thursdays at 16:30h, and Sundays at 12h), mostly in the form of Facebook live broadcasts in a private group, so that you will need a Facebook account. Each class will be about 20 minutes long. You are welcome to attend as many classes as you like, and you can also re-watch your favorite classes as many times as you want! At least three of the music classes will take place on Zoom (one on a Tuesday, one on Thursday, and one on Sunday), in order to give participants the chance to see each other.

Of course the songs of the Maracas collection will also be yours to keep - you can download them in mp3 format, and you will also find the sheet music, game ideas and additional information in Music Together's Family Music Zone.
Registrations need to be placed by Easter Monday, April 13th.

Sooooo looking forward to making music with you and your kids online! <3

WHERE? Online, mostly in a private Facebook group.

HOW DO I JOIN? Instructions will be sent to you right after you register.

WHEN? 10 weeks of classes, starting April 20-26, 2020;
FB lives will take place Tuesdays at 9h, Thursdays at 16:30h, and Sundays at 12h!

COST? 100 € for the whole family (incl. songs in mp3 format & other online materials)

YES, we want to join the Spring Music Together Online classes!

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Father making music with his kid.