Join us for more music fun with Music Together's FLUTE Collection!!!

When was the last time you bathed a frog in your bathtub, danced a Renaissance minuet, or shook a bunch of musical persimmons off a tree? What, never?! Then it's high time you tried it... in music class with us, this fall! :-)

Classes this fall start up the week of September 16-21 and last 10 weeks. There will be no classes during the fall break (except October 12th and 26th, both Saturdays) or on public holidays.

WHERE? at Great Day for Music, Kurfürstenstr. 40, 53115 Bonn-Südstadt

WHEN? 10 weeks of classes, starting September 16-21, 2019; choose your class from the drop-down menu below!

COST? 175 € for the oldest or single child (incl. songbook and CD), plus 85€ for the second child, OR
155 € if your only child is below 1 year of age --> please choose the right button below for your family!

YES, we want to join the Fall Music Together classes!

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MT Fall 2019 (1 child > 1 year)

MT Fall 2019 (2 children > 1 year)

MT Fall 2019 (1 baby < 1 year)
Wir machen mit Kindern und Eltern Musik bei unserer Eröffnungsfeier in der Bonner Südstadt.