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Great Day for Art

Our Great Day for Art classes for 0-5-year-olds and parents are based on the philosophy that just like all children are musical, all children are born with the ability to create art. And just like with music, the best way to further this ability is to create a fun and stimulating artistic environment – which is exactly what we do in class.

A little Great Day for Art participant lies around on the floor between paints and paper, ready to draw.

Each Great Day for Art lesson offers 45 minutes of fun artistic input. Each week parents and children are presented with a different technique and a theme around which they can become creative. The teacher offers technical instruction, artistic examples and friendly encouragement especially to the parents, while the children are free to take everything in and experience the creative process with all their senses, or to join in and experiment with the available materials.

The class fee covers tuition as well as a unique workbook that invites parents and kids to continue being creative after class, and a set of art materials to work with at home.

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